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Study Abroad
International Students Program Fund

This is available to one or more students who have completed at least one full semester at Fullerton College and who wish to participate in the Student Exchange Program developed by the College International Student Exchange Committee. The Committee will select students on the basis of scholarship, student leadership, and breadth of academic and community participation. Special consideration will be given to students with the ability to speak the language of the country they will be visiting. Candidates will be interviewed and given special training before leaving for the Exchange program. In addition, they will be expected to report on their experience in a foreign country to students, faculty, and community groups when they return home.

Ref #: 390-3200, 303-3200
John T. Walker and Joy A Wanden Study Abroad Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is given in the name of John T. Walker, a long-time (1963-2011) Fullerton College Language and History Professor. Dr. Walker founded the North Orange County Community College District’s Study Abroad Program in 1985-6. The scholarship is for a Full-Time student(s), either continuing or graduating, with at least a 3.0 G.P.A. and will be distributed at the start of their Study Abroad Program.

Special consideration will be given to student(s) who, 1) study the language of the destination country while abroad, and/or 2) demonstrate their willingness to engage in activities of significant historical and cultural interest (as approved by instructor) while in the destination country, and/or 3) reside in a homestay during the program.

Selection of the Recipient(s) will be made by at least one family member (Walker or Wanden), the Study Abroad Program Coordinator, and the NOCCCD instructors in the specific Program.

Ref #: 390-3464, 303-3464
Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is for Full-Time students who have been accepted into the NOCCCD Study Abroad program, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Recipient(s) will be selected by the Study Abroad Coordinator and the Dean of Library.

Ref #: 390-3429, 303-3429