Computer Science
Donald Lebsack Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science

This award is to be given to a Computer Science student who is transferring and/or graduating from Fullerton College. The student must be carrying at least 8 units and have completed a minimum of two Computer Science courses with a GPA of 3.2 in Computer Science courses. The award is given in full during the spring semester.

Ref #: 590-2233, 503-3233, 390-3233. 303-3233
Susan H. Nack Scholarship

This scholarship is for one or more graduating or transferring female students(s) currently enrolled in at least 9 units with a minimum 3.25 GPA in all course work completed.  Applicants must have completed CSCI 133 and either CSCI 223 or CSCI 241 at Fullerton College.  The student must be recommended by a faculty member in the Computer Science Dept. 

Ref #: 390-3315,303-3315