Business & Computer Information Systems - General
E. Alva Straw Business Award

This scholarship is for several students in any of the business majors of the Business and CIS Division. To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must have completed 12 or more units during the first semester with a GPA of 3.0 or better. The student must be enrolled during the second semester in 12 or more units when the recommendation or application is made, and must return as a full-time Business major the next year. Scholarship, personality, and genuine promise of success in the business world are the criteria to be considered in making the selections. Winners of any Business scholarship of $100 or more shall not be eligible for the scholarship.

Ref #: 390-3420, 303-3420
Ethel Burchfield Cooper Memorial Business Award

It's preferred that this scholarship be for female re-entry students majoring in business. The student should be continuing at Fullerton College however, it may be awarded to a graduating student if they are planning to attend a four-year school. The student must be enrolled full time, (minimum 12units). Minimum G.P.A. requirement is 3.0.

Ref #: 390-3065, 303-3065
Irma Laws Tapp Business Ed Teacher Scholarship

This scholarship is for one or more graduating sophomores who are majoring in Business Education and bound for a teaching degree and a certificate in that field. Nominees shall have a GPA of 3.0 or better and shall be planning to transfer full-time to a four-year college or university the next academic year. The first half of the scholarship will be awarded during the first year; the second half to be awarded during the graduating year, if GPA is 3.0 or better.

Ref #: 390-3450, 303-3450
J. H. Denson International Business/Foreign Language Scholarship

This scholarship is to recognize students who have dedicated their time and efforts towards study and research in marketing and have shown a proficiency in mastering marketing as a subject matter. It is intended to reward business students who have shown ability to apply marketing theory towards practical application. The scholarship encourages continued study in marketing; therefore, the award will be granted only upon verification that the candidate has enrolled in a full-time program in upper division curriculum at a four-year institution.

The Student must be graduating and transferring to a four-year university or institution and continuing as a Marketing Major with at least 15 units at Fullerton College and maintaining at least a 2.5 G.P.A. 9 units of this must be from marketing courses, 3 of which are in a 200 level course. The candidate must submit a copy of a term paper from one of these courses. The candidate selection will be made by two faculty members from the Marketing department.

Ref #: 390-3080, 303-3080
L.O. Culp Memorial Business Award

This scholarship is for a freshman majoring in a two-year business, educational or vocational program. To be eligible for the award, a student must have completed at least 24 semester units by year-end with a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be continuing at Fullerton College as a full-time student. Other qualifications are good character, financial need, and promise of success in business. Winners of other cash awards of $50 or more are not eligible. The Business Education Division will recommend recipients.

Ref #: 390-3070, 303-3070
Phi Beta Lambda Award

This scholarship is to be divided among several students. To be eligible a student shall: (1) have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better; (2) have completed at least one semester of work in F.C. and be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units for the semester in which the grant is made; (3) have demonstrated earnestness in his/her pursuit of an education and shall have shown real promise of success in college, (4) be recommended in writing by the advisor of Phi Beta Lambda through the Division Chairman, in which the recommendation will indicate the amount to be awarded. Grants shall not be for continuation at another college after leaving Fullerton College.

Ref #: 390-3340, 303-3340
Ralph S. and Marietta K. Smith/Osher Scholarship

This scholarship is established in honor of Ralph S. Smith Jr. and Marietta Smith.  Ralph Smith was a teacher at Fullerton Union High School and later transferred to Fullerton College where he taught in the Business Dept. until his retirement in 1978. 
This Scholarship is for Full-time continuing students who have completed at least 24 units and are receiving a "Board of Governor's Fee Waiver" with a Business Major. 
This Scholarship will be awarded by the Business & Computer Information Systems Division. 


Ref #: 490-4003,403-4003