Student Services Division
Dream Team Scholarship

The Dream Team Scholarship is awarded to Fullerton College students who are documented through Admissions and Records as an AB540 student. Applicant must maintain a GPA 2.0 and currently enrolled in six (6) or more units, and is continuing or transferring. An essay about the current challenge(s) the applicant is facing as an AB540 student is required, along with a letter of recommendation, and a copy of the student’s unofficial transcript. This scholarship is awarded annually by Student Support Services. Dream Team Scholarship is to assist with purchasing books and supplies.

Ref #: 390-2005, 303-2005, 250-6141
International Students Program Fund
This is available to one or more students who have completed at least one full semester at Fullerton College and who wish to participate in the Student Exchange Program developed by the College International Student Exchange Committee. The Committee will select students on the basis of scholarship, student leadership, and breadth of academic and community participation, along with ability to speak the language of the country where they will visit. Candidates will be interviewed and given special training before leaving for the Exchange program. In addition, they will be expected to report on their experience in a foreign country to students, faculty, and community groups when they return home.
Ref #: 390-3200, 303-3200