Fine Arts - General
Fine Arts Wirzbicki Scholarship

The Fine Arts Department will determine criteria.

Ref #: 303-3135, 390-3135
SRO Scholarship
Ref #: 390-3428,303-3428
Steven Mayo Echols

This scholarship is open to any student in The Fine Arts or Liberal Arts Division demonstrating unique artistic talent. They must have a 3.0 GPA or above.

Ref #: 390-3094, 303-3094
Terry & Karen Blackley Fine Arts Division Recruitment Fund

This scholarship can be used for recruitment in the Fine Arts and/or for the purpose of student scholarships. The fine arts division will determine the manner in which funds are disbursed.

Ref #: 390-3032, 303-3032
Theatre Alumni Legacy Scholarship
This scholarship is for a continuing Theatre Arts student and will be selected by the Theatre Arts Faculty.
Ref #: 390-2015,303-2015