Charles B. Shellenberger Accounting Scholarship

It is the donor's wishes for this award to be divided between a part-time student, who shall receive 40% of the scholarship allocation, and a full-time student, who shall receive 60% of the allocation. The students may either be continuing or graduating with a minimum 3.0 GPA. It is preferred that the recipients be single parents (male or female) who are majoring in accounting. The students must also demonstrate financial need, have completed the 101A accounting class (a grade of B or better) and at least be enrolled in 101B. The students should be planning a career in the field of accounting.

Ref #: 390-3407, 303-3407
Ronald Zarett Memorial Accounting Scholarship

This scholarship can awarded to two or more male accounting majors who: (1) have demonstrated seriousness of purpose and definite promise of success in and after college in the field of accounting, (2) will have completed at least 24 units of work in the freshman year with GPA of 3.2 or better including 101A and/or 101B Accounting with a grade of "A", and (3) have demonstrated good character, reliability, responsibility, a willingness to work, and a positive, constructive attitude. Financial need shall not be a requirement. Selection will be by the Business Education Scholarship Committee.

Ref #: 390-3510, 303-3510, 590-2510, 503-3510