Disability Support Services
Frances Wahl Scholarship

This scholarship is for a deserving student with a disability, continuing at Fullerton College and enrolled in 6 units with a 2.5 GPA. The student will be selected by the Disabled Students Center Faculty and by Fran Wahl or Brenda Amans.

Ref #: 390-3463, 303-3463, 590-3463, 503-3463
Jason Horn Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is for a disabled student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and enrolled in a minimum of six semester units. Two letters of recommendation are needed: one submitted by a member of the Fullerton Community College faculty, staff or administration, and another from a personal reference. The application form is available through the Disability Support Services Office.
Ref #: 390-3188, 303-3188
Kasey Crouse Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is to be given to a continuing student G.P.A of 2.5 or greater and taking 9 or more units. The selection of the recipient will be made by the D.S.S. (Disability Support Services).

Ref #: 390-3068, 303-3068
Scholarship for Students Affected by Brain Injury
This scholarship is for students who have suffered a brain injury and need financial aid to attend college. 
Ref #: 390-3154, 303-3154
Shawna Morrill Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is to be used for emergency purposes for female disabled students. There is no unit requirement and the scholarship is to be given at anytime need arises. The recipients are chosen by Disabled Student's Center Faculty and the scholarship is given at the discretion of the Fullerton College Foundation Executive Director. The scholarship money can be used for books, tuition, or any other need associated with school.
Ref #: 390-3302, 303-3302, 590-2302, 503-3302