Joel Hail History

Joel Hail
Joel Hail was a physics teacher at Fullerton College from 1964 until his life was cut short by cancer in 1987. Born in Oklahoma, October 27, 1939, he was an imposing and memorable figure both mentally and physically.  He earned his B.S. in engineering from Oklahoma State University, followed by a M.S. in biophysics, and the course work for a PhD in physiology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, but he never wrote the thesis – said he just wanted the knowledge, not the degree.

The trademark in his physics classroom was teaching concepts like, “you can’t push with a rope,” doing innovative demonstrations with simple equipment to teach principal, and playing classical music before lecture. He was truly a Renaissance man and enjoyed a wide assortment of associations ranging from conversations with various professionals to the laboring man at the local pub.

When Joel Hail passed away, he willed his $300,000 estate to the college. The bequest was used to establish an endowment scholarship for students who, like Mr. Hail, are passionate about the physical sciences.

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