Myers Prospectors Club

In 1933, a group of Fullerton College geology students founded the Myers Prospectors Club in honor of their beloved geology professor, Dr. Mabel Myers.

During the youthful years of the “Prospectors,” a summer fieldtrip, a winter fieldtrip and a social meeting was the norm. In later years, many having married, started families and taken jobs in various professions, annual meetings became the standard format.

For nearly 45 years, the adored Dr. Mabel Myers was the leader, a “spark plug,” and an inspiration that provided the lifelong continuity to a most unique organization. The annual meetings were held in the homes of various members where picture shows of the preceding year fieldtrip highlights were shared and enjoyed by all.

“Teacher,” as the Prospectors referred to her, passed away on August 4, 1978, bequeathing a portion of her estate to the Fullerton College Foundation. The bequest was used to help students in financial need and in 1985, the Prospectors established a permanent geology scholarship in Dr. Myers’ honor. Since “Teacher’s” passing, members of the Prospectors have continued the tradition of planning and attending annual reunions. The result of these efforts over the decades has resulted in a very close “family” of former Fullerton Junior College students and spouses who were brought together by their mentor, “Teacher,” whom they came to love so many years ago.

Indeed, a true sharing of camaraderie developed as a result of “Teacher’s” passion for the outdoors, the search for knowledge, and the joy of sharing good fellowship. In the hearts of all the Prospectors, they continue to say a silent, “thank you, Teacher,” for getting them started on this richly rewarding part of their life’s journey.

The Myers Prospectors Club continues to meet annually.

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