Lena & Faye Reynolds History

Lena Reynolds
Lena and Faye Reynolds were unmarried sisters who lived in Fullerton from 1920 until the time of their death, in 1958 and 1967 respectively. Faye was a nurse, and Lena was a teacher of mathematics at Fullerton Junior College from 1920 to 1953. Both were very quiet, unassuming people who lived in a modest two-bedroom house and drove a 1941 model Chevrolet.

Occasionally, during the late 40's and early 50's, anonymous scholarships were announced at commencement for mathematics or science students. Awards that we have since found reason to believe came from Miss Reynolds.Lena Reynolds

When Miss Lena Reynolds died in 1958, she left to her sister Faye an estate of three-quarters of a million dollars. The estate was accumulated entirely by a program of regular investment in stocks from her modest teaching salary, which never exceeded $6,000 a year. When Faye died nine years later, the estate had grown to a million dollars, one-third of which Faye had willed to the Fullerton College Foundation for student scholarships.

The Lena and Faye Reynolds Memorial Scholarship has been designated for graduating students of Fullerton College and is renewable for one year after it has been granted.

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