Schlinger Seminar Series

In an effort to support the Natural Science Division, the Fullerton College Foundation has partnered with the Schlinger Foundation through an endowment fund established for the purpose of providing free, community lectures on “hot topics” in the natural sciences. The seminars are held bi-annually on the Fullerton College campus and feature keynote speakers who are experts in their field.

The inaugural Schlinger Seminar held on November 30, 2006, showcased world-renowned arachnologist, Rick Vetter of University of California, Riverside. The topic of the lecture was, “The Myth of the Brown Recluse Spider: Myth-Conceptions, Myth-Identifications and Myth-diagnoses.” Despite popular belief, Mr. Vetter was able to show the audience that there are no populations of the Brown Recluse Spider living in California. Mr. Vetter has over 25 years of experience in the field of entomology and arachnology and has been featured on the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel for his expertise on various arachnids.

Series Photos

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