Starting a Scholarship

Tax-deductible donations to establish memorial or honorary scholarships are a wonderful way to support students in their educational endeavors, as many of the Fullerton College students excel academically yet are financially needy.

In order to establish an endowment scholarship, a minimum $1,000 donation is required. Once the fund has been created, the original contribution remains in tact. This allows the scholarship to continue in perpetuity. Of course, additional donations to the fund are always welcome.

Click here to download the form for establishing a scholarship

As the donor, you have the honor of establishing the scholarship criteria.  Our usual criteria includes the following: 

  • full-time student that has completed 24 units at Fullerton College
  • Minimum 3.00 G.P.A. 
  • Student may be either continuing at Fullerton College, receiving an A.A. degree from Fullerton College, or continuing at a four year university or college. 
  • The award is typically disbursed in two payments:  one half in the Fall with proof of registration and the other in the Spring, with proof of successful completion of 12 units with a 3.00 G.P.A.

The recipient(s) of the scholarship may be selected by the Fullerton College Foundation Scholarship Committee, a specific division, or by some other committee/person.

Additionally, the Foundation asks that a donor contact person be established for each scholarship. This is done for several reasons:

  • We like to update the donor on the status of the fund each year. 
  • We ask each of our student recipients to write a personal thank you note to someone who is directly responsible for their award.
  • We like to keep our donors updated on any changes or questions that arise regarding their scholarship.

If the scholarship is established in honor or memory of a loved one, we ask that the donor submit a biography of that person for the scholarship file.

The scholarship calendar of events is usually as follows:

January, February, and March -   Applications are available to the students
Mid March -   Deadline for submitting applications
April - Scholarship committee determine recipients, Divisions submit their list of awardees and  annual banquet(s) are held
May -   Award letters are ready to be picked-up.
August -   First disbursement
January -   Second/final disbursement.

Other important information:

    Joining The Buisness Advisory Council

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